Our current operational status allows members and punch pass holders to visit without a reservation. Because we're still managing the number of climbers in the facility at any given time, day passes are currently by reservation only. Day pass availability is sent out to members Sunday and opens to the general public Monday morning.


All existing prepaid memberships have been extended to give you the original number of days paid. Auto pay membership billing dates have simply shifted to the 15th of each month to accomplish the same thing! If you want to have your membership frozen, please fill out our online membership freeze form ASAP.


LEF will not be accepting any in person payments for the time being, our website will be the only place for you to change your existing membership. Fill out the member change form and we'll get right on it. You'll need to complete the form by the 15th in order for your membership to remain frozen. If you need to purchase a new membership, you can do that online or over the phone.


Some changes are coming to the facility and your membership.


In the very short term, hours will be limited. The gym will be open 3PM - 9PM, Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday 12PM - 8PM.

Space will be limited. LEF will be accepting 100 climbers at any given time.

We'll be moving to a reservation system as demand requires, but we won't be implementing that unless needed.

Masks are required at all times in the facility. They can be any material so long as they cover your mouth and nose.

Hands need to be sanitized or washed before and after any interruption to your climbing session.

Social distancing should be maintained as much as possible.

Climb as a bubble when roped climbing, don't switch partners during your session.

A self assessment should be completed before entering the gym. Questions are posted at the door!

Temperature checks must be completed at check in. You need to be below 100.4 on our touchless thermometer to join us. If you test over you’re welcome to wait and retest if you think your temperature was artificially elevated through exercise or hot liquids.


We're taking extra cleaning precautions and staff precautions as well. Please understand that we're doing our best to make this a great experience. Any concerns can be sent to us at chris@lefclimbing.com, we'll try hard to address them as best as we can.








TEL: 859-523-0518






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