• This baby is housed in a 25,000 sq ft brand new steel box. Sexy? We sure think so. With curves like our lead wall has, how can you resist? Daredevils can scamper up our 50’ – 70’ roped walls while you Elvis leggers can claw your way up the 8’ kiddie boulders. You do you. Need a yoga class to wind down? We have three group fitness classrooms devoted to yoga, spinning, and interval training. Love running in place to rid those jitters? I don’t get it, but we give the people what they want and thus have several treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, stairmasters, and the like. Bright, airy, and open 3000 sq ft fitness area? Check. Functional trainers, squat racks, and free weights? Check. Not functional enough? There is always the parking lot with all 110 spaces. We even found a member carrying an 80lb log around one day. Dude, we’re a bunch of weirdos around here. Get used to it. We’re pretty low key and just want you guys to have a great time. You let us know how we can do that better and we’ll treat you like royalty.


  • Showers, towels and lockers also available.
  • 21,000 sq ft of climbing terrain, with 7000 sq ft devoted to bouldering.
  • Children’s area with shorter roped and bouldering walls.
  • Continuous foam pad by Futurist Climbing in the bouldering area for the ultimate punting experience.
  • Climbing specific training room available to baller customers only.


  • 3000 sq ft fitness area with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, stairmaster, functional trainer, free weights, squat racks, Smith machine, cable machine, med balls, plyo balls, resistance bands, etc.
  • Three group fitness rooms including spinning room, yoga studio, and multipurpose room.